Kim Rondina, PT, DPT brings nearly two decades of clinical experience, mentoring, and leadership to her collaboration with physical therapy organizations and providers.

Kim's Story

Some of Kim's strongest skills come from her experience across the spectrum of PT business models and the ability to respect and work with perspectives of those she mentors. She draws from a strong clinical identity and working within dynamic leadership groups to empower team building, creativity and success.

Kim is no stranger to the daily environments that challenge both leaders and teams. Kim understands the fears that grips leaders, taking them into stagnation and stress. She enjoys working with clients who are committed to leaving old paradigms behind and who are willing to allow themselves to experience life as a journey for their highest contribution.
Kim is a dedicated professional, seeker of knowledge, and endless student. She earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California. Her interests are wide reaching from discovering skills that will further enhance the lives of her clients, to self-awareness and all things 'why we do what we do'.

She combines an immense passion for guiding therapists and accelerating the development of the highest quality skills in real world clinical environments, with a style that encourages appreciation of the journey.

Kim is actively involved in teaching throughout numerous professional organizations that she has trained with as well as leading study groups to enhance the skills of local professionals.

Kim previously held the positions of Director of Clinical Development and Director of Practice Performance for a 15 clinic outpatient private practice and has lead the growth and development of hundreds of licensed physical therapist professionals and directors. Kim engaged in diverse coaching environments including one-on-one with directors, round tables, hands on 'treat tanks', and co-treatments.
Kim is also currently the Owner of Transform Manual Physical Therapy, PLLC, a thriving cash based practice WITHOUT any marketing efforts. It offers a unique environment of treating clients on a monthly basis, yet having a 3 month wait list representing the RAVING FANS she has developed through the expert care that she provides and personal mastery skills she embodies.

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